29 September 2017

Sums up my day 💔

whats up? its almost October already. gawd, how time flies huh? hehe.
lin taktaw nak cite ape lagi dalam ni but for sure now lin tgh melalui fasa heartbreak yang tahla. pelik gila situation kami. haha. but, im gonna keep that by myself. sebab rasanya takde sorang pun akan faham apa kami tengah lalui.

well, layan la lirik lagu ni. kene beb!

Rapuh - Nastia
Darimu Ku mengenal arti kekuatan
Hadirmu Semua indah
Dalam Diriku bertempat hanyalah kamu
Melengkapi Diriku
Berpisah Kita hanya untukku sedar semula

Bintang malam setia seperti dirimu
Tetap pudar menghilang tiada gantimu
Dan ku masih terasa degupan jantungmu
Tanpamu ku kan rapuh

Dan bila ku sendiri tiada resah lagi
Tanpamu Ku tempuhi
Berpisah Kita hanya untukku sedar semula

Bintang Malam setia seperti dirimu
Tetap Pudar menghilang tiada gantimu
Dan Ku masih terasa degupan jantungmu
Tanpamu Ku kan rapuh
Tanpamu Ku rapuh
Bintang Malam setia seperti dirimu
Tetap Pudar menghilang tiada gantimu
Dan Ku masih terasa degupan jantungmu
Tanpamu Ku kan rapuh rapuh
Tanpamu Ku rapuh
Darimu Ku mengenal arti kekuatan
Hadirmu Semua indah

6 September 2017

The Sad Truth 💔

Hi there.

its been awhile huh? my last update was on Feb last year i guess 😂 well, things surely changed a lot since then. but life must goes on.

oh by the way, there's something that i wanted to share with you all. this is from an article. i hope you enjoy it. toddles!

Falling in love is one of the most brutally awakening experiences one can endure. When you meet someone you click with, it often seems like nothing else matters to you – it’s you and them against the entire world and you couldn’t give a f*ck what anyone else thinks.
Do you stay with someone you’re madly in love with, even though you can’t see them being the end-all be-all of your life? Or, do you prematurely leave, because you don’t want to waste your time on someone who cannot provide a solid foundation for a future with you?
The truth is – there is no right answer. There is no universal truth to dealing with this kind of complex situation. You can love someone with every inch of your soul, every inch of your being, and they can still not be the right person for you, for the rest of your life.
It’s up to you to decide.
Are you willing to stay with someone you love, because you love them, and risk the chance of it ending in heartbreak – having to start all over again with someone new?
On average, people spend over a year or two together before realizing that they are with the “wrong person,” or, that the person they are with has no place in their future. They start to see bigger flaws, issues that will hinder their growth and the relationships growth – or realize, they cannot marry this person or start a family with them.
Here’s the honest truth:
Just because you love someone with every inch of your being, doesn’t mean it will work out perfectly in the end. Most relationships aren’t perfect – actually, no relationship is perfect. Every couple has their own issues, quirks, problems they need to fix and work out. That doesn’t stop them from being together, though.
Stay with someone because your love is strong enough to overcome struggles, obstacles, battles and change. Stay with someone you are willing to compromise for and who is willing to do the same.
Last but not least, who ever said love was easy?

Love, Lynne xoxo ❤️

11 February 2016

2016 !

hai semua! apa kabar? setelah sekian lama setahun sekali je ngapdet blog nih, makanya hari nak ngapdet lagi. hehe. so tahun nih, aku bakal menamatkan zaman belajar aku pada bulan April ini. dan, sekarang aku tengah praktikal kat Hospital Tuanku Mizan. ala hospital tentera tu kat Wangsa Maju. so far okay lah kat sana. takde masalah apa apa. staff dia best jugak. adatlah best tak best tengok la ngam tak ngam dengan orang tu kan. tak kisah la, janji gua habis belajar tahun ni 😋 tu jelah, kbai ❤️

20 November 2014

bye year 3 semester 1 :)

hai. sepertimana yang diharapkan, alhamdulillah aku dah habiskan sem ini dengan jayanya. hehe. tadi jawab paper last. so, skan dah merdeka. 4hari okay tak tido nyenyak. gila ahhh. but its okay cuhs now freedom is mine. haha :)

hmm. tadi kan, bukak insta. pastu stalk dia. then pastu aku yang sentap sebab nampak dia post amba dengan orang lain. hmm.

tu jela. huwwaaaaa :'(

12 November 2014

what about today?

hi. This is the latest photo of me. So, i was having my Leadership & Management exam early this morning and its kinda fucked up though -.-
i was so confused and cant answer the question properly. I mean i can answer that question but i am confuse w the other answer. So at the end, i think got it all wrong. Do you know what i mean? Haha ✌

so, tell Me how was your day today? Share w Me ♥

thanks for reading. Iloveyou.

love, lynne 😊